fuck grizzly bear lol

I can see my sweet boy swayin’


This is a file which was posted to Rick Nowels’ website over the summer, and has since been removed. Now that the album mix of this song has been released, I feel safe to post this for everyone to enjoy. :)

I got SO MANY great records today. It was cool seeing so many people just talk music & talk about what they were buying & how certain records changed their life. Plus having a few drinks and dodging people I didn’t want to see was fun 🌚. Record Store Day was a success. Very glad I went after all.

Plus I got my first flexi record ! Which is pretty cool. I’m curious to see how it sounds.

Am I really that hard to love

I want everything or nothing ~


My love is a heavy one to carry
About a thousand pounds
Giving myself to you was scary
And I was right as I soon found

Care free, didn’t know
Where the river would flow 
Swam in deep into the sea
Rose to the surface without me
Gasped for air
And caught my breath once more
Without me, you swam towards the shore

And once and for all I cannot win
I am tired, I am tired I can not swim

You were supposed to make the past
all worth it,
Were the one to make the prescriptions worthless 
You were supposed to make the bottles collect dust,
I need them all now, like I needed us

Through city streets I’ve went through
But just a block you had gone
Like the blind led an army
a stag led by a fawn

We’re still lost at sea, you and I
never found land that you seeked so bad
I wanted to take you there as I held out my hand

I wish you had let me
 What A beach paradise could’ve been
But I sink, I’m so tired I can not swim

I literally have a couple hours to decide if I’m going to Coachella or not